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Rodeo Clown with Compound Fracture 15 x 12" Print


Ultra Limited Edition (5 total) Rodeo Clown with Compound Fracture 15 x 12 inch print on elegant 310 gsm matte paper with a half inch border.

Each print is signed, numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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Commissioned by the Rocky Mountain Rodeo Arts Heritage Collective, Rodeo Clown with Compound Fracture was originally intended to serve as the cover art for the collective’s annual Tribute to the Rodeo Clown edition of the popular Rodeo Boys magazine. The Rodeo Boys’ editing staff was appalled by Haseltine’s final product and demanded the Rocky Mountain Rodeo Arts Heritage Collective commission a more acceptable, less offensive piece from an entirely different artist. After finding a more suitable replacement, the Collective was then able to sell Rodeo Clown with Compound Fracture to the infamous philanthropist and western art collector Edna “Breezy” Gwynn. Gwynn thought it would be an ideal addition to the downstairs guest-room bathroom at her home in Sweet Grass County, but had to put the piece in storage in the old barn as the room was being occupied by her step daughter Samantha Foote following a recent divorce at the time the painting was purchased. Foote felt the painting would counteract the self healing she had set out to do. Rodeo Clown with Compound Fracture was almost lost when a severe wildfire spread through Gwynn’s property. Fortunately Herb Petter, Gwynn’s longtime caretaker was able to rescue the painting merely moments before the old barn was incinerated. It was an act of bravery Petter shrugged off. “I really liked that painting” he told the Sweet Grass County Chronicle. “I know a lot of folks didn’t like it, but I did, and when I saw the fire shooting over to the barn I knew what I had to do.” Petter later admitted he should have set out the livestock before retrieving the painting.