Log Float! 16 x 32" Fine Art Print


Ultra Limited Edition (5 total) Log Float! 16 x 32 inch fine art print on elegant 310 gsm matte paper with a half inch border.

Each print is signed, numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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Here’s the collab I did with BB Gwynn, Isaiah Deadhorse and the Death Song Restaurant Group that was supposed to be a foldout insert in the menu for their new Livingston grill “The Woodsman’s Bistro.” They were developing an aesthetic for the place that was a cross between a traditional lumber-jack theme and a more contemporary lumber-sexual theme, but wanted the wildlife in the piece to reflect the menu, so apart from the humans, ALL the wildlife depicted could actually be found on the menu either as an entree or an appetizer. Towards the end of the project however, I couldn’t get in touch with BB, Isaiah or anyone from Death Song, even Savanna who was this amazing executive assistant to BB and Isaiah and she had been SUPER helpful when we were getting started, but these people pretty much disappeared! I even went back to the place they had started renovations for the restaurant, but when I showed up it was a fully operational Maverick Real Estate Partners office and I was like, “the last time I was here they were putting in a grease pit!” I get the restaurant industry is hectic, but I was not prepared to get cut off from Savanna, because I felt like we had gotten very close, like when I first met her I was waiting for BB and Isaiah to finish a call so we could start a creative meeting and Savanna was playing Mazzy Star on her laptop and I told her once I saw a stripper dance to Fade Into You and I gave her $300 right there on the stage and Savanna thought that was awesome and when she was in college she was into burlesque and then once we sat next to each other while Death Song did this fancy tasting party and Savanna wanted to go out and smoke, but it was -35 degrees so I let her sit in my truck and told her it was a BIG deal cause I didn’t ever let people smoke in my vehicle and haven’t smoked in 15 years and virtually all the men in my family have died from smoking related disease and she was like, “I feel bad now!” And I was like, “no, it’s cool, I just want you to know this is a special occasion.”