Potato-Dome 6 x 6 inch Original Panting - Green Nova


Original 6 x 6 inch original canvas painting featuring Potato-Dome with a green nova.

The time is now! Perennial with the future, our ancient world spins and twists throughout the stars as history spirals into oblivion. From the formless baron patch of earth that would one day bear fruit and monuments, birth prophets and civilization, support fertile caverns and majestic towers, this ancient world remained. With the ocean’s water, which storms thrust against its virgin shores, this ancient world guided the essence of creation across its waves to face unknown entities and shape alliances through spiritual brotherhoods. The noble spectral tuber, accountred with petrified bark, possessed with tender sustenance from all continents, fueled legions of allies and mighty Zephyrus himself as the wind from a woman’s lips restored the breath of life, a breath, which at a moment’s notice transforms into a savage force, wrapped tightly around Zeus’ finger as he flicks away the wicked, yet this ancient world prevails! And when the wicked were too wicked for wind to whisk away, this world, this ancient world, our ancient world, withstood flames plummeting from the heavens. And when the ashes were cleared, those same flames were ignited to lift brave souls off the earth’s loyal surface and into the unknown armed with generations of courage residing on the shoulders of the instinctual understanding that no matter how far they traveled, they could always find their way home to our Ancient World!