We've Learned! We're Learning! 20x16" Original Painting


Original 20 x 16 inch painting. Acrylic on canvas.

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When my grandfather and great uncle were young homesteaders they got in a quarrel one day because my great uncle traded all of their pelts for Bob Wills records and my grandfather went to the mercantile to try and trade them back, but when he got to the store there was a big Air-Cooled Franklin parked in front and none other than Bob Wills got out and told my grandfather he used to hunt out here when he was a little boy and could show him a nice spot to collect enough pelts to own the Vocalion Record Company outright if he wanted so my grandfather said that sounded OK and Bob Wills said to follow him so he did, but as they walked further into the woods the snow got deeper and my grandfather was walking in it up to his waist, but Bob Wills stayed on top of the snow even though he was only wearing tennis shoes and so my grandfather got the idea that maybe the man wasn’t actually Bob Wills and said he thought he should head back and the man who maybe wasn’t Bob Wills called him a moss-back so my grandfather started punching him in the mouth yelling “YOU’RE NOT BOB WILLS!” and he was knocking out his teeth which where sticking into his knuckles and I don’t remember what happened next, but I do know my grandfather slept in the woods that night and woke up covered in snow and he got back home and told the story to my great uncle who told him three things:

One: Bob Wills doesn’t travel through these parts.

Two: Bob Wills has NEVER traveled through these parts and couldn’t have hunted here when he was a little boy.

Three: Bob Wills doesn’t wear tennis shoes!

My grandfather turned white as an egg and my great uncle said “Look at your hands!” And my grandfather looked and saw there weren’t any teeth stuck in his knuckles and it didn’t look like there’d ever been any stuck in there to begin with. My great uncle said he was sorry for trading all their pelts for Bob Wills records and my grandfather said that was OK and they had to work extra hard that season to get even more pelts but I guess they did good enough.