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The Spanking (Consensual) 24 x 18" Fine Art Print


Ultra Limited Edition (5 total) The Spanking (Consensual) 24 x 18 inch print on elegant 310 gsm matte paper with a half inch border.

Each print is signed, numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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Having left the Yukon in 1892, failed prospector Almanzo Zimmermann was taken ill in the Utah Territory on his way back home to Chicago. While convalescing in Nephi, Zimmermann witnessed the needs of the settlers in the region as they transitioned from nomadic pioneers to residents. Many families in log cabin homes with open floor plans wished to break up the interiors into separate rooms. The practice was a common one, but Zimmerman noticed severe creative disputes within the individual households, especially amongst the unprecedented number of woman in each home with very specific aesthetic desires and seemingly unlimited authority over the matter with no discernible hierarchy of said authority. Zimmerman remained in Nephi as Utah reached statehood and gained considerable success as an entrepreneurial manufacturing & design consultant. Structurally, breaking up the existing cabins from the territory was a simple, but Zimmerman made himself essential to the region by developing customizable finishings for each new cabin section. Members of the family could then choose from a variety of molding, trim, wainscoting and wallpaper options and every wall could be individually designed to meet a specific person’s desires. It was common for certain areas of the cabin to be decorated entirely differently from others based on the whims of the section’s primarily inhabitant. Although the couple depicted in Haseltine’s painting are likely from the mid 20th century, viewers can see an example of Zimmerman’s design work on the wall butted against the original cabin siding - here it’s cherry wainscoting and sego lily wallpaper. The rest of the walls in the cabin not seen in the painting could be decorated with up to 12 different design combinations. In 1898, Zimmerman met with the Sears & Roebuck Company to discuss a possible collaboration or merger, but Zimmerman was murdered while exploring the nearby Salt Creek Falls before he was able to give the offer any consideration.