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Self Portrait with Fawn 16 x 12" Original Painting

  • Self Portrait with Fawn 16 x 12" Original Painting

Currently on display and available for purchasing at Raised by Wolves Studios in Downtown Livingston. 131 N Main St, Livingston MT.

16 x 12 inches. Acrylic on Canvas

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Several years ago, my then wife Molly and I were told our oldest son Nathan would benefit from an emotional support therapy dog and thus, Bingo became the 6th member of our family. While there wasn’t any animosity between the two, Bingo clearly preferred me over Nathan, which I assumed was because I was the only one that took care of the pup, but Molly suggested it was because Bingo sensed I was in greater need of an emotional support animal than Nathan. Molly was correct, but I pretended to be upset by her telling me this, trying to make it seem like I was being obviously fake-upset so she wouldn’t be able to tell I was actually upset, but Bingo could tell I was furious and kept kissing my face and nuzzling his head in my neck and wagging his tail in the performative manner he’d been trained. This was a disaster, because my ability to feign contentment was the only thing holding our marriage together at this point, and once we brought Bingo home, there was a literal “tattle-TAIL” following me around revealing how frequently Molly upset me. I’d become so adept at pretending to be unfazed by her incessant requests to rearrange the furniture and excited by last minute changes in plans, but Bingo’s therapeutic intuitiveness immediately destroyed everything I’d accomplished in our marriage. Towards the end of the last spring before Molly took the boys to Denver, a picture-perfect fawn kept coming into our yard, clearly eager to play with Bingo, but Bingo was either too well trained a service animal to give in, or totally oblivious to the fawn’s existence. Had Bingo and the fawn formed a friendship we could document on video, it would have been an online sensation, likely bringing enough licensing revenue to send all 3 boys to college, but no such rapport was established. I never forgave Bingo for this and was not sorry to see him go when Molly and the boys left.