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Self Portrait with Cub 16 x 12" Original Painting


Currently on display and available for purchasing at Raised by Wolves Studios in Downtown Livingston. 131 N Main St, Livingston MT.

16 x 12 inches. Acrylic on Canvas

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Growing up, my family noted how much I looked like my grandfather when he was younger. I had to take them at their word since not only were they comparing me to a younger version of the man, they were also referring to his appearance before a gruesome trucking accident smashed, crushed, then flattened his face and his reconstructive surgery was so primitive and tactless the doctor who performed it killed himself less than a year later. When I recently began to study my own face, isolating specific features for the purpose of painting self-portraits, I finally started to recognize physical traits I shared with my grandfather, features that had remained intact through the accident and subsequent surgery, but people don’t point out our similarities now. I assume that’s because I’m older than he was when he had the accident and it’s possible I’ve aged into what he would have looked like had he not blacked out behind the wheel of his International Loadstar 1800 almost 60 years ago. Perhaps I represent him more accurately now than he does himself, but whenever I bring this up, he pretends to not understand what I’m talking about. To this day, my grandfather is unable to hear the Louvin Brothers without blacking out. No doctor will confirm it, but something happens to his brain whenever Ira and Charlie harmonize and his body simply shuts down. He can listen to either of their solo efforts without losing consciousness and can even handle segments of the brothers’ music before they start singing together, but as soon as the blood harmony kicks in, he’s out. He learned his lesson the hard way and now, if he wants to drive and listen to the radio, he calls the station to ask about their upcoming programing. “I’m leaving for Harlow shortly, and I want to see if you are spinning anything by the Louvin Brothers in the next 90 minutes or so?” he asks, adjusting the length of time for each destination, generously rounding up the minutes to ensure a safe journey.